(1)  Site Information
(1). All the contents depicted on www.the jungle mountain retreat.com website are exclusively owned by The Jungle Mountain Retreat Authorities. Thus it possesses whole authority to discard, edit or add any content on the site without any prior notice.
(2). We do not restrict the use of contents uploaded on The Jungle Mountain Retreat's  Website as long as they are used for the Hotel’s promotions reservations or simply for information. However the contents are strictly prohibited for Full/ Partial imitation or reproduction for any other site, without our permission.
(3). Though all the information showcased on The Jungle Mountain Retreat's website is accurate but there might be few phases when it can be under updating mode. Hence it is advisable for all the site visitors to re-confirm their required information via Call, Message or Mail.
(4). The unwanted interference with the site or its functioning by external elements is strongly prohibited.
(5). If The Jungle Mountain Retreat came across any offensive words posted by anyone on social sites, the doer can be jailed or penalized according to the Sections - 292 /293/294 of Indian Penal Code.
(2) General Information
(1)The amenities as well as the service levels of Hill Station’s hotels parallelized to those situated in metropolitan cities are not the same.
(2). The Jungle Mountain Retreat Check in time is 12 Noon and the check out time is 10:00AM.
(3). Every Customer must furnish his/her Original Identity Card/ License Card/ Pan Card while checking into the hotel.
(4). We may ask for birth certificate of children below 12 Years if we suspect the children’s are older than the informed Age.
(5). Maximum 4 Adults can be accommodated in our every room category except Cottages where 8 Persons can be accommodated comfortably.
(6). Extra Bed in general refers to the Extra Mattresses.
(7). Maximum 4 Adults can be accommodated in our every room category except Family Suites where 6 Persons can be accommodated comfortably.
(8). Customer are strongly recommended take care of their belongings guardedly as to we shall not be liable for any lost/ stolen objects due to customer’s carelessness.
(9). The stay for Infants / Children below 5 Years can rejoice the complimentary stay but their requirement for Milk/ Meal shall be chargeable.
(10). Mandatory Surcharges will apply during festive time.
(11). If you suspect any delay in arrival in The Jungle Mountain Retreat. Do convey us as if not intimated timely we will treat it as no show.
(12). Due to some group Adjustments or some un-avoided Technical Errors / Situations, we may shift you to our collaborated Hotels which will be of higher / same category.
(13). The Extended stays are sub to availability of rooms.
(14). We do not allow pets in our hotel.
(3) Meals & Packages
(1). Depending on the Hotels Occupancy, We shall determine the buffet System set up or Room Service Facility to be provided to the customers.
(2) In case we have set up a buffet system, customer has the choice to Room service but Room Service charges shall be levied.
(3). Kindly consult our staff for the Meal timings as we will not hold any liability towards any un- avail meals, nor shall we refund any amount for it.
(4). Customers who have booked there stays on EP Basis (Accommodation Only) rejoice a vast range of eatables from the food menu but the billing must be cleared before the check out.
(5). Mostly the Stays reserved on CP (Breakfast Only) & MAP (Breakfast & Dinner) Meal Plan will be facilitated with the buffet Set up but in case there is requirement for Room Services by the customers, the food items will be offered from the fixed menu only.
(6). In case of Volvo Packages, Group Packages, Corporate Packages and Accommodation Packages, We shall not be liable for any modifications / cancellations executed by transporters