Laundry is all about the Removal of dirt and stain from the clothes.


Jacuzzi is a sense of well-being, hot tubs with bathing to relax.

Doctor On Call

The doctor on-call is about, health needs and physical conditions.

Travel Desk

A travel desk is available to assist you 24X7 at the hotel in desk.


The most important meal of the day is breakfast and a healthier heart.

Fibre Internet

A fiber optic provides a higher speed, shared with multiple devices.

Spa Jacuzzi with Steamer

It is a system of underwater jets of water to steam the body.

Room Service

Room service is all about delivering the food and drinks to guests.

Parking Space

Arrangements of parking a parallel, perpendicular, and angle parking.

Pick Up & Drop (Paid)

A comfortable pick-up and drop service for guests to their stations.

Each of our rooms features a private bath, Wi-Fi, and cable television and includes the basic amenities.





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